Customized football kits

16 differents kits models

for Men, Women or Children

100% Customizable

Colours, Sleeves, Collar...

Delivery Worldwide

on an island, at the top of a mountain,
in a hidden basement in probs

Made to order in Lima

by our team of super women ! Pay us a visit,
coffee is on us !


No minimum of order, delivery worldwide

Custom Armband


7 differents training models

for Men, Women or Children

In the combination of colours you want

25 colours available

Delivery Worldwide

with DHL and UPS

Made to order in Lima

en la Victoria, siempre !

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Design your personnal sporting apparel with Ekipazo Futbol

You want your players walk on the pitch look like professionals ? We can help you design the perfect uniforms but your players will not get better. We promise you will be cooler but not better.

Ekipazo Futbol is a family futbol manufacturer suppying custom sportswear for players of all ages worldwide. Football shirts are 100% made to order individually in our little factory in Lima, Peru. You will get unique team kits made for the pitch by women proud to work in Ekipazo Futbol facility. We love our employees, we are a small family, everybody will know about your orders and project and we love football more than lesser cool football brands.

Now it is time to choose over 20 styles and ask us a quote for your team jerseys and uniforms.