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How to Create a Custom Pennant?

The step-by-step guide in 8 stages, from creation to delivery:

  1. Select the shape of your pennant: classic, oval, or triangle.
  2. Specify the size: S (10x8cm), M (20x15cm), or L (30x20cm).
  3. Choose one of our models or send us your design.
  4. Specify the markings: logo(s), text, or logo(s)+text.
  5. Indicate the delivery country and the desired quantity.
  6. Order directly or request a quote.
  7. Receive your customized proof for validation.
  8. Get it delivered wherever you want!

1. Choose the shape of your customized pennant:

We offer 3 pennant shapes:

Clasico model: classic-shaped club pennant

This is the most classic pennant model, the one most commonly seen in the hands of captains before the kickoff of cup matches or international games during the famous pennant exchange.


Ovalado model: oval-shaped football pennant

Quite similar to the classic model, this pennant differs with its oval curve at the bottom. It is particularly suitable for round logos.


Triangulo model: triangular-shaped custom pennant

Very different from the previous two, this pennant stands out for its originality by giving the pennant an “American campus” look. The text is preferably written vertically.


2. Select the size of your customized pennant:

Each pennant shape is available in 3 sizes:

Small pennant size S (10cm*8cm)

The perfect size for a “car pennant” or “mini pennant”. It’s ideal for gifting to a large number of people without breaking the bank 😉


Medium pennant size M (20cm*15cm)

The intermediate size is ideal for displaying your soccer pennant in the club’s trophy room.


Large pennant size L (30cm*20cm)

This size is for pennants for important matches: flag pennant and exchange pennant.


Need a special size for your custom pennant?

No problem! Contact us, and we will provide you with a quote as soon as possible.


3. Opt for one of our models or create your custom pennant!

For customizing pennants, we use the sublimation technique. The fabric is printed in four-color process. This way, we can meet all your requests, even the most original ones! If you don’t find what you’re looking for among our models, click on “other” and describe the model you want (background type, colors, gradients, etc.). If you have a drawing, that’s even better; you can click on “Mockup” (pennant image “I have a mockup” located at step 1 of the form) and attach your document by clicking on the gray “Browse Files” button.

Below, an example of a custom pennant made in our workshop.


4. Specify the markings you want on your club’s pennant:

Markings can be texts, logos, or both. In the case of logos, attach your logos to the form by clicking on the gray “Browse Files” button. For texts, write in the corresponding field. Below, an example of a pennant made for FC Kourou with text and logo.


5. Indicate the delivery country and the quantity of pennants desired:

The rates for our custom pennants vary depending on the size, quantities, and geographical area of delivery. Fill in the fields of the form to get the total including tax in euros.

6. Order directly or request a quote:

If you’re eager to receive your pennants, opt for the order option. You will then receive a confirmation email and your custom proof. Production will start immediately after your validation.
If you wish to take the time to refine your future pennants, choose the quote option. In the next few days (2-3 days), you will receive an initial customized proof to which you can make modifications. Production will start just after the final proof is validated by you.

After validation, our team will opt for an offensive 4-3-3 tactic for an order where deadlines are tight, or alternatively, a more defensive 5-4-1 tactic for an order with a complicated design to avoid any placement errors 😉


Delivery times are about 2-3 weeks, and we will provide you with the tracking number at the time of shipment.

Why choose Ekipazo for manufacturing your soccer pennants?

The quality of finishes:

To offer you pennants that will accompany you for many years, we focus on the quality of the finishes:

  • High-quality stitching around the entire edge of the pennants, ensuring aesthetics and durability.
  • High-definition printing.
  • Slightly satin high-quality fringes that do not fray over time.
  • A durable cord thanks to two safety stitches at the joint.

Unlimited customization up to the choice of fringe and cord colors.

For 100% customized pennants in your club’s colors, we offer you the choice of fringe and cord colors as well.

  • Fringes:

    We offer 8 fringe colors: gold, silver, white, black, red, blue, green, and yellow.



  • Cord:

    We offer 12 cord colors: candy pink, gold, blue, green, turquoise, silver gray, red, orange, brown, canary yellow, black, and white.




Embroidery offered as an option

Embroidery is certainly the marking technique that offers the most aesthetic and highest quality finish. With its embossed aspect, embroidery will give your pennant an incomparable look. Often used for military pennants, embroidery is also found on pennants of the most important matches (for example, matches of the French national team). Below, the pennant we made for the Madagascar national team for the African Cup of Nations.


Advantages summarized in 6 points:

  • 3 pennant shapes: classic, oval, and triangular.
  • 3 pennant sizes: from mini-pennant to flag pennant.
  • An infinite choice of colors: for an infinity of combinations and designs.
  • Customization of fringes and cord: for unique pennants.
  • Embroidery option: for a relief aspect that will give your pennant an incomparable look.
  • Quality finishes: safety stitches, satin fringe, and ultra-strong cord!”



Order or ask a quote

Our portfolio

Here is a selection of customized pennants we manufactured for our beloved clients

Maillots de football et fanion personnalisés pour le @komodo_fc 💪
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Fanion 100% personnalisé pour le Lamanon Futsal ⚽️
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Fanion 100% personnalisé 💥
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🛡 Fanion 100% personnalisé pour le match entre l`US Quincy-Voisins et le @varietescf ⚽️
#usquincyvoisins #varietescf #varietesclubdefrance #ekipazofutbol #fanion #pennant #banderin #footamateur #footballamateur

5 1

🚓 Fanion 100% personnalisé pour la @gendarmerie_73 💪
#gendarmeriedelasavoie #ekipazofutbol #fanion #pennant #banderin #footamateur #footballamateur

5 0

🛡️ Fanion 100% personnalisé pour le VAFC - Villeneuve Académie FC- 💥 Pour créer vos fanions :
👉 cliquez sur le lien dans la bio
#villeneuveacademie #vafc #ekipazofutbol #fanion #pennant #banderin

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Frequent questions

Questions About Custom Pennants

1 – Will I have to pay taxes when I am being delivered with my custom captain armbands ?

In Europe, no taxes. In the US or UK, if the amount of the order is below 50€, you will not pay anything. If the amount is above 51€, please contact us to know the price of taxes.

2 – What is the price of delivery for my country ?

The price is included in the price of the customized pennant.

3 – Is it possible to receive a mock up once I designed my pennant

Yes, at the very below of the form, click on the “ask a quote” option, you will receive within the next working day a mock up of your custom pennant and a quote on your email address.

4 – Can we choose different sizes for our football pennants ?

Yes, you can ask different sizes.

5 – Are there fringes on the edge of the pennant?

Yes, absolutely. Generally, we use white or gold depending on what best combines with the main color of the pennant. We can also follow your instructions. The fringes are of a single color, and the available colors are: gold, dark gray, white, black, red, French blue, Brazilian green, and canary yellow.

6 – Is there a cord for holding the customized pennant?

Yes, the pennant is equipped with a cord as well as a small bar for support. The cord is of a single color, and the available colors are: fuchsia, gold, French blue, Brazilian green, sky blue, gray, red, orange, brown, canary yellow, black, and white.

7 – What are the delivery delay ?

Depends on your location, for destination within EU and UK, around 2-3 weeks, for US 3-4 weeks.

8 – I have an event/tournament in 2 weeks, is it possible to get delivered on time ?

Call asap Adrien on Whatsapp +33 6 51 70 64 79 ! We will do the impossible to get you delivered on time.

9 – What are the means of payment ?

– For big amount, wire is the easiest way.
– Credit Card with stripe.
– If you prefer paypal, please ask us or email us the amount at

10 – Is the pennant single or double sided ?

The pennants are double sided.

11 – What techniques do you use for the customization ?

Our custom armbands are made in heat transfer printing in full color.

12 – What other customizable products do you offer ?

Here is a lit of our products : Design your own football kit, Personalised football kit bag, Custom captain armbands

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