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Technical description

Are you looking for a 100% customizable, 100% functional and 100% resistant sports bag?

The new sports bag created by Ekipazo is the very first bag on the market to meet all these requirements.

It’s not only fully customizable: design, colours, printings; it’s also perfectly designed for sportsmen and women with many features: large capacity central compartment, 5 inside pockets, airy compartment for shoes, isothermal compartment for drinks,  double zipper closure allowing the use of a padlock, outer mesh compartment to carry your ball, and much more…
personalised kit bag
Designed to accompany you for many years, the Ekipazo sports bag is made of lasting materials: metal fittings (no plastic), 100% waterproof base and lining, padded and strengthened carrying handles etc.


A personalised foot kit bag

Choose one of our 40 models of kit bag or create your own design!

With 40 available models of sports bags, there is no doubt you will find what you are looking for. If not, you can create your own design. The only limit is your imagination!

Enjoy an unlimited choice of colours

The main part of the bag is totally printed by sublimation. You can choose the colours you wish: special colours, unique combinations, colour gradients, everything is possible!

Mark your logo, numbers and names

You’re looking for a kit bag for your club or your team? You can create a football bag with your colours, your club’s logo and the logos of your sponsors. You can also choose to have your club’s logo embroidered if you wish. The great advantage is also that you can personalize each bag with the number and the name of your players. No risk of confusing bags in the changing room or on the bus on the way to the stadium. Each bag is unique!

Personalize zippers, handles and even the bag’s base!

An unlimited choice of colours for the main part of the bag and not less than 16 colours for the waterproof base, zippers and handles. You bag won’t look like any other!

A “field-proof” bag

Strong and lasting materials

The Ekipazo customizable ports bag is designed to accompany you for many years. Strong and robust, it is made with resistant materials: bag’s base made with waterproof PVC, main part made with polyester, waterproof nylon inner lining, metal accessories, reinforced seams, padded and strengthened carrying handles and shoulder straps.

Convenient and comfortable: double handle with Velcro closure + padded and adjustable shoulder strap

The bag includes a padded and adjustable shoulder strap for extra comfort. It also has two handles with Velcro closure, reinforced at the base for hand carrying.

Spacious, compact and light

The kit bag measures 50 X 30 X2 7 cm (19,7 X 11,8 X 10.6 inches), i.e. an internal volume of approximately 40 litres. It also offers an external mesh compartment to carry your ball. The overall capacity of the bag exceeds 45 litres, for an empty bag weight of 700g (24.7 oz). So, it is compact, spacious and light at the same time!

Perfectly waterproof

The kit bag’s base and the inner lining are totally waterproof and easy to wash. The water-repellent canvas of the base protects the 4 sides of the bag. If you put your bag down on a wet floor, your stuff will stay perfectly dry!

personalised football kit bags

An ergonomic and functional bag, designed for sportsmen and sportswomen

Large central compartment for easy packing

custom sport bag

The Ekipazo sports bag has a large central compartment with a double zip opening. Its capacity is more than 40 litres (35 litres when the shoes and drinks compartments are full). Its big volume allows you to carry everything you need to practice your favourite sport.


Double zip closing that allows to put a padlock for more safety

personalised sports bag

One of the special features of the bag is that it has a central double zipper allowing the use of a padlock. You can train in peace: your stuff is safe!


5 inner pockets for good organization

compartment personalised football kit bags

Among the things you carry in your bag, there are often small items that are difficult to find if they are placed with the rest of the stuff. Inside the Ekipazo sports bag, you will find 5 mesh pockets of various sizes to enable you to store all your belongings efficiently: phone, wallet, shower gel, deodorant, fruit, cereal bars, etc


Removable waterproof pouch for isolating dirty or wet laundry from the rest of the belongings

The Ekipazo sports bag comes with a waterproof pouch with a drawstring to separate dirty and wet items.


Customisable checklist so you never forget anything

check list personalised football kit bags

Who has never heard in the dressing room: “Who’s got a second pair of socks?” or “Can you give me some shower gel?”, or, even worse, “Can you lend me your towel?”.That’s why we created a checklist so that you never forget anything for your training or your match. And you can personalize it depending on your needs. Don’t hesitate to share it with your head-in-the-clouds teammate!


Easy folding in the removable pouch to be stored without taking up any space

dirty bag personalised football kit bags

Our customizable sports bag is easy to fold in its waterproof pouch to take as little space as possible.


Customizable sticker in case of loss

label personalised football kit bags

A sticker is slipped into the shoulder strap so you can indicate your contact details: useful in case of loss!


Removable mesh compartment to carry your ball everywhere (optional)

ball net personalised football kit bags

You’ve had enough of your ball taking all the space in your bag or carrying it under your arm?
We thought of you by integrating a removable net to carry your ball everywhere: football of any size (size 3, size 4 or size 5), basketball, rugby ball, volleyball… The net is placed on the outside of the bag and is easy to store in its small zipped pocket.

Airy compartment for shoes on the size of the bag (optional)

football boot compartment

For those who wish, the bag can come with an optional separate compartment for storing shoes. It is located on the side of the bag and includes two ventilation holes. The inside of the compartment is made of waterproof nylon and is easy to wash.


Insulated compartment for drinks (optional)

isothermal compartment football kit bag

We also offer an optional isothermal compartment for your drinks. It can hold a 1.5 litre bottle of water (or 4 cans) that will stay cool during your training. The insulated pocket is located on the front side of the bag for easy access during transport.


Technical features

  • Dimensions: 50 X 30 X 27 cm / 19,7 X 11,8 X 10.6 inches (length x width X height) – a compact bag
  • Capacity : 45 litres (40 litres inside + 5 litres outside) – a spacious bag
  • Weight: 0.7 kg / 24.7 oz – a light bag
  • Totally customizable sports bag: design, colours, name and number markings etc.
  • Thick waterproof hessian at the base of the bag to keep your stuff dry!
  • Waterproof nylon liner easy to wash
  • Main part of the bag made of 100% customizable microfiber polyester
  • Central double zipper opening allowing the use of a padlock
  • Large central compartment able to contain up to 40 litres.
  • 5 inner mesh pockets for efficient storage
  • Shoes compartment: airy, waterproof and easy to wash (optional)
  • Insulated compartment for drinks
  • Removable waterproof pouch for dirty or wet laundry
  • Removable net to carry your ball everywhere (optional)
  • Padded and strengthened shoulder straps for extra comfort during transport
  • Strong and comfortable double handle for hand carrying.
  • Customizable checklist so you never forget anything
  • Sticker to write down your contact details in case of loss
  • Easy storage of the bag in its removable pouch.

width football kit bag

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personalised football kit bags

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