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Jersey Creation Guide

Design your football jersey in 7 steps

1. Choose the colors of your football jersey

We offer 22 reference colors that you can combine as you wish, depending on the models.

And for those who want to break the mold, no problem, we can print any color thanks to digital sublimation. Your football jersey set will thus be unique!

2. Select the model of your football jersey

Among one of our 40 customizable models

We offer a multitude of varied designs divided into 2 categories: classic football jerseys and “concept” football jerseys.

  • Design a classic football jersey: for those who like the safety of a straightforward pass.

Each model is named after a Latin American club ;). In the picture, an example of a classic “Boca” model jersey made in our workshop.


  • Choosing a concept model: for those who love the audacity and beauty of an outside-foot pass.

Our team of graphic designers regularly create collections of original models inspired by various themes ranging from lions to esports, as well as more regional themes such as Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Brittany, Paris, the Netherlands, or Marseille.


Create your football jersey from your own design!

Those who play “creative midfield” have the opportunity to express their talent by designing their own design. For this, choose the option “your design to send us.”

Here is an example of a jersey made from a client’s design:


Send us your artwork in drawing, photo, or vector format. Upon receipt of your model, our graphic designers will create a custom mock-up. You can make all the changes you want until you get a mock-up that gives you complete satisfaction.

jeu-maillots-foot-personnalise-noir-et-bordeaux-avec-logo -club-sponsor-devant-dos

3. Specify the markings you want on your set of jerseys

Creating your football jersey is not limited to choosing the design and colors. Indeed, the choice of markings is very important for the final look of the jerseys. Here are the markings most frequently requested by us: back number, front number, shorts number, player name, club name, club logo, sponsor logos.

We use 3 techniques for marking our football jerseys:


  • Sublimation with all markings included in the price!



  • Embroidery of your club’s logo (optional)




  • Flocking or flex for numbers, player names, or single-color logos (optional)



4. Indicate your options and quantities

Depending on your needs, you can opt for one of the following 3 options: jerseys, jerseys + shorts, or jerseys + shorts + socks. You can also choose the type of sleeves: short or long.

The rates of our vary depending on the chosen option, quantities, and delivery geographical area. Fill in the fields of the form to get a free quote and a personalized mock-up for your set of jerseys.

5. Receive the personalized mock-up of your jersey

After filling out the form, you will receive your quote and a first personalized mock-up to which you can make all the changes you wish.

You can then tell us the type of collar you want for your jerseys and the needs of your goalkeeper if applicable.

We offer 3 types of collars:

  • The most classic, the round neck



  • The famous V-neck for victory



  • The chicest, the buttoned collar (optional)



Personalize the jerseys or sets of your goalkeeper:

You have the possibility to create the football jerseys of your goalkeepers with another design and other colors. The goalkeeper outfits range from simple jerseys to sets of jersey + shorts + socks or jersey + pants + socks.


As with player jerseys, you can choose all the marking options you want: club logo, back number, front number, player name, sponsor logos, etc.

The customized goalkeeper outfits have protections at the elbows, hips, and knees (for the pants). We also offer goalkeeper outfits without protection for those who wish.


6. Validate your order and choose your sizes

Creating your football jersey is not limited to choosing the model, colors, and markings, you also need to choose the right size! We offer no less than 18 sizes for children, women, and men from 4 years to 3XL. You can mix sizes and have a set of jerseys with different sizes for each player!

To help you, we have developed two methods.

  • Method 1 by body frame:

    This is the simplest and fastest method. You choose the sizes of your football jerseys based on the templates of your players, taking into account the chest circumference, stature, and weight. In case of doubt, we advise you to favor your chest circumference to choose the size. If it falls between two sizes, opt for the smaller size for a tighter fit and the larger size for a looser fit.










Our designers have developed cuts adapted for women, men, and children. The cut of the men’s and children’s jerseys is classic, straight cut. The cut of the women’s jerseys is slightly cinched.

  • Method 2 by dimensions:

    You choose the size based on the dimensions of the jerseys and shorts. We communicate to you all the measurements of the jerseys and shorts for each size: jersey length, jersey width, sleeve length, etc. These measurements are to be compared with a garment that fits you well by taking the measurements flat and limiting folds. We advise you to use a tailor’s tape (ribbon) to take the measurements.











It is possible to choose a different size for the jersey and shorts of your personalized football outfit. Your outfit will thus be perfectly adapted to your morphology!


7. Get delivered wherever you want!

After the final validation of your order, it will be our team’s turn to play! We will opt for either an offensive tactic in 3-4-3 for an order with tight deadlines or for a more defensive scheme in 5-4-1 for an order with complex design and markings to avoid any placement errors 😉



We deliver worldwide thanks to our partner DHL. Delivery times are about 2-3 weeks and we provide you with the tracking number at the time of shipment.

Design football kits FAQ

FAQ on Creating a Set of Football Jerseys

1 – Will I receive a mock-up once I have chosen the options for my football jerseys?

Yes, once you click on the “Receive a quote and a mock-up” button, you will receive a mock-up of your jersey and a quote within 24 hours at the email address provided or via WhatsApp if you have chosen this option.

2 – Can we have different sizes for each player? Do you make children’s sizes?

Absolutely, you can choose the size and number for each player. In the previous tab, you will find our size guides for men, women, and children.

3 – What is the price of delivery for my country ?

The easiest is to ask us a full quote on this page and wait for your offer. We will detailed the price with the shipping fees.

4 – What are the delivery times for a set of football jerseys?

If you are in France, the delivery time is 2-3 weeks.
For international orders, add 1 to 2 weeks depending on your geographical location.

5 – I have a tournament in 2 weeks, is it still possible to order a set of jerseys and have them delivered on time?

Call Adrien as soon as possible at +33 (0)1 79 75 09 09! Depending on your order, we will, as always, do the impossible to ensure deadlines are met. Jumping on a train or a plane, nothing stops us from delivering on time!

6 – Can I receive a jersey sample to try on for sizes?

The easiest way is to use our size guides found in the previous tab. If you still wish to receive a sample of personalized jerseys (at a cost) at your home, contact us.

7 – Do your women’s football jerseys have a different cut from the men’s jerseys?

Yes, our designers have developed a specific slightly fitted cut for women’s jerseys.

8 – Can we pay in installments and what are the different payment methods?

We offer payment in two installments: 60% upon ordering and 40% upon delivery. You trust us, we trust you.

  • Preferably by bank transfer, as this allows us to start production quickly.
  • By check, but count a few more days for processing.
  • Or by credit card on our secure payment site.

9 – What type of fabric do you use for creating football jerseys?

Our jerseys are made with one of the best fabrics on the market: drysport. It’s a very light (145gr/m2) and very resistant microfiber fabric, equivalent to dryfit and climacool.

10 – How are the football jerseys flocked?

For jersey marking, we prefer full sublimation because this technique offers an unlimited choice of colors and excellent detail rendering. Additionally, we offer embroidery of the club logo as an option. Also, for some orders, we sometimes use flex (flocking) for numbers, names, and simple monochrome logos.

11 – How to put one’s name on a jersey?

Check the “player name” option in the part of the form dedicated to markings. Once the order is validated, you will receive a table in which you can indicate the size and name of each player. We also offer flocking of the club name, numbers, as well as club and sponsor logos.

12 – Can you embroider our football club’s logo?

Absolutely, we usually embroider club logos at about heart level with a size of around 7 cm.

13 – What files do you need for our logos?

Pdf, vector format (Illustrator or Corel), png, or jpg in the highest resolution possible. Our graphic designers will rework the logos of your club and sponsors to achieve the best possible result on your personalized jerseys.

14 – What files do you need for our logos?

Yes! We have been creating football jerseys for over 10 years now and many clubs reorder from us very regularly. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We particularly focus on respecting deadlines and on the quality of our products. That’s why we have implemented the VAR warranty “Validated, Approved or Remanufactured” which well reflects the confidence we have in our products and our service.

Do you have other questions?

Do not hesitate to reach us by phone at +33 (0)1 79 75 09 09, via WhatsApp at +33 (0)6 51 70 64 79, or filling this form by clicking here.

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If you need help, please contact us by email : contact(a)ekipazofutbol.com

Our kits portfolio

⚽ Jeu de maillots 100% personnalisés 💪

#maillot #ekipazofutbol #footamateur #footballamateur #football #futbol #soccer #maillotdefoot #maillotfootball #broderie #customjersey

⚽ Jeu de maillots 100% personnalisés 💪

#maillot #ekipazofutbol #footamateur #footballamateur #football #futbol #soccer #maillotdefoot #maillotfootball #broderie #customjersey

2 0
⚽🎨 Maillots de football personnalisés pour l'équipe RSMA de Guyane 💪
#rsmaguyane #maillot #ekipazofutbol #footamateur #footballamateur #football #futbol #soccer #maillotdefoot #maillotfootball #broderie

⚽🎨 Maillots de football personnalisés pour l`équipe RSMA de Guyane 💪
#rsmaguyane #maillot #ekipazofutbol #footamateur #footballamateur #football #futbol #soccer #maillotdefoot #maillotfootball #broderie

21 0
Maillots de football et fanion personnalisés pour le @komodo_fc 💪
#maillot #ekipazofutbol #footamateur #footballamateur #football #futbol #soccer #maillotdefoot #maillotfootball #broderie #komodo #fckomodo

Maillots de football et fanion personnalisés pour le @komodo_fc 💪
#maillot #ekipazofutbol #footamateur #footballamateur #football #futbol #soccer #maillotdefoot #maillotfootball #broderie #komodo #fckomodo

12 0
Maillots football 100% personnalisés pour le Club de Montmartre 💪
#maillot #ekipazofutbol #footamateur #footballamateur #football #futbol #soccer #maillotdefoot #maillotfootball #clubdemontmartre #montmartre

Maillots football 100% personnalisés pour le Club de Montmartre 💪
#maillot #ekipazofutbol #footamateur #footballamateur #football #futbol #soccer #maillotdefoot #maillotfootball #clubdemontmartre #montmartre

34 0
Fabrication des maillots des Aigles Fertois 🦅
par Ekipazo Futbol ⚽
#aiglesfertois #ekipazofutbol #maillot #maillotfoot

Fabrication des maillots des Aigles Fertois 🦅
par Ekipazo Futbol ⚽
#aiglesfertois #ekipazofutbol #maillot #maillotfoot

9 0
⚽ Les nouveaux maillots personnalisés de L'AS Gosier 💪
#asgosier #ekipazofutbol #maillot #maillotsfoot

⚽ Les nouveaux maillots personnalisés de L`AS Gosier 💪
#asgosier #ekipazofutbol #maillot #maillotsfoot

18 0
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