Our values

Can a football brand change the world ?

We will try for sure. In our past, we have won fairtrade contests for others projects (ludeki games). Nowadays, fairtrade certification is not possible with polyester or polyamide so fairtrade cannot be at stake. Moreove, we internalize (almost) every step of the production. We have our factory in Lima, Peru. Our team is composed with fantastic peruvian women. You are very welcome to visit us.

Ekipazo wants to help to develop South America.

We believe in microcredit and we act with Kiva, loans that change the world. Each month, we choose several project and lend some money. You can discover the projects in our blog.

Ekipazo is in process for emission compensation.

We are actually (in 2016) in process for compensating our gaz emission by partnering with planting trees emission. You will get update on that on our blog.

Our valuesthuraminho