Var Guarantee

What is VAR guarantee?

Even the most technical and talented players can miss a control.

That’s why we have implemented the VAR guarantee:

Validated and Approved or Remanufactured.

Despite the numerous checkpoints we have in place throughout the manufacturing process, it’s possible that an error may escape the eye of our experienced referees 😉

Therefore, we commit to remanufacture any non-compliant product as quickly as possible.

How does VAR work at Ekipazo?

If you are not satisfied with any of our products, you can use VAR and request video arbitration 🙂
Our sales team arranges a video call with you to analyze the problem together and sportsmanlike address it : a misplaced N instead of an M in a player’s name, an error in the size of shorts, etc. Our sales team then proposes the most suitable solution.

Our only goal: to bring you complete satisfaction.

Thanks to VAR, we don’t know if you’ll be good on the field, but we’re sure you’ll look great 😉

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