Meet The Team

Ekipazo is about friendship and love for football

Once upon a time in Brazil in 2003 (in Trancoso for brazilian lovers), we exchanged some emails with Fabien and I (Adrien). Fallen in love with Brazil, I wanted to create a business with this country or this continent. Fabien, working within a humanitarian sport project in the middle of the peruvian amazonian jungle, had not been difficult to convince. A few caïpirinhas and piscos later, we decided to write all our ideas and to launch when we get back to France. After having won some business and fairtrade contests, our first company was about fairtrade sustainable toys and boardgames to educate the children to protect the Earth and the human beings. After some years of success, the seasonal side of this activity forced us to create another business we were passionate about : football, it was so obvious but sometimes we cannot see an elephant in the middle of a corridor.

Damian, a mexican friend from my brazilian days, joined the team to help us creating our own factory in the middle of the biggest textile neighborhood of South America : Gamarra. From one employee to ten today, our team has never stopped increased thank to you beloved clients. Without you, nothing would have been possible. We are a great team : Ekipazo.

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